Fitness Center
The fitness center is open 24/7.
Fitness Center Rules:
1. The Fitness Center is for the use by Elyson residents 16 years of age or older. Children of any age are NOT allowed inside the Fitness Center, even with an adult.
2.  Residents may access the Fitness Center using their Electronic Access Device. We ask that residents not let others into the Center, but allow them to enter themselves using their own access device.
3.  Use of exercise equipment is at YOUR OWN RISK. Elyson Residential Association is not liable for any injury you may suffer.
4.  Personal trainers and personal training is strictly prohibited in the Center.
5.  Before leaving, please pick up and return all fitness equipment to its appropriate location once finished, re-rack weights and wipe down equipment after use. 
6.  Do not use treadmills without them being properly turned on as this may cause the motors to burn out. 
7.  Please keep music and television volumes down to a reasonable level as to not disturb others using the facility. 
High definition security cameras are in use at the Fitness Center and the following rules will be strictly enforced. Failure to follow the rules can result in forfeiture of access to the amenities. 
Please report maintenance issues, broken equipment or any other issues to the Onsite Community Manager at 281-665-3047.